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Over 20 Years in the Custom Clothing Industry

Porter Wilson Clothing brings together the finest garments, an incomparable level of quality service, and unbeatable value.


Porter knows that meeting you in your office or home provides a real time convenience to your schedule.

Styling Options

Offering diverse professional styles. Tailored to fit your needs: Conservative or Fashionable and made from the finest fabrics available.

Wardrobe Planning

Porter’s expertise allows you to make prudent decisions about your wardrobe.


While tuxedo attire for weddings is an obvious and appropriate tradition, the desire for less formal celebration attire is demanding notice from newly engaged couples. Unlike renting and returning a formal tuxedo , PWC offers a large collection of suiting's, shirts and neckties constructed both Off-The-Rack and Custom Make. The benefits of owning a suit for future opportunities makes practical financial sense, while the event shirt and tie provides great groomsman gifts.


The Different Styles of Fashion

Wardrobe Tips

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How to Properly Store Men’s Clothing & Shoes

General Guidance & Environment

Try to store your clothing and footwear in a cool, dry, clean, and dark environment. All four of these factors are important to retard bacterial growth, discourage insect infestation, and prevent UV damage and color fading. If clothing is going to be hung for more than 1 month without being worn, consider placing it in a breathable garment bag to prevent dust accumulation.


Wire hangers can permanently damage your clothing, especially woolens as they create unsightly creases that are very difficult to remove. Spend a little extra and purchase handsome wood shirt hangers (at least ¼ inch thick) and wood suit hangers (at least 1+ inch thick at the shoulders). In the case of the suit hangers, you’ll spend at least $5 to $20 each, but this is a small price to pay to properly hang a $500+ jacket.

Shoe Trees

Wooden shoe trees should be a mandatory purchase for any man who wants to get more than a couple years out of his leather shoes. They maintain the shape of the shoe and prevent the leather from warping in a way that would promote premature cracking. They also absorb excess moisture from the soles and leather.

Wool Protection – Moth Balls, Cedar, Lavender and a Tight Seal

Wool is a luxury fabric with amazing properties and a long history of use in society; unfortunately, it’s expensive and highly susceptible to damage if not cleaned and stored properly. It’s important that before storing and sealing your wool clothing you have it professionally cleaned. Although I’m not a fan of the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process, they do kill the microscopic insect eggs that have potentially been laid on your jacket. If you have a large freezer that’s not in use, it’s also possible to kill any eggs by vacuum sealing the clothing and then freezing it for 72 hours.
Moth balls are a commonly used insect deterrent. However, they are a harsh option as they rely on a vacuum seal that traps in toxic fumes, and they often leave a bad smell on clothing. I personally prefer natural alternatives to moth balls such as cedar, lavender, rosemary, cloves, and other aromatic repellants. Although they are somewhat less effective than moth balls and need to be replaced and refreshed, these choices do not contain paradichlorobenzene.
Finally, be careful with mixing un-cleaned wool with dry cleaned wool – the dry cleaning process only kills eggs on the garment; it provides no protection days after the cleaning. Hence one infested wool cap thrown on top of a stack of wool suits to be sealed for the summer can lead to disaster.
Cotton Protection – Dry & Cool & Breathable
With cotton, you have little to worry about when it comes to moths. However, cotton can still be permanently damaged if it’s exposed to moist conditions for prolonged periods – mildew will literally digest the cellulose fibers. Also, because of its durable reputation, we often overexpose the fabric to alkaline bleaches or do not immediately treat acidic stains such as juices. Remember cotton is tough, but not indestructible!

How Dry Cleaning Works



Porter Wilson Clothing: fit, quality, service.  Speaking from experience, I can attest that clothes that fit well and look good are so much more pleasant to wear.  For years I had worn clothes that almost fit me that I managed to find in the meager “big and tall” departments of the stores that had them.  Until I began working with Porter Wilson, I had no idea how much more enjoyable and comfortable it is to put on and wear high quality, stylish clothing that actually fits well.  Porter is a pleasure to work with, and I really appreciate the service he provides: he makes it easy for me to get clothing that I am happy to wear.


I have been working with Porter Wilson now for over a year. In the past I attempted to establish relationships with other clothiers but I always seemed to fall between the cracks due to turnover. Porter has proven to be reliable dependable and punctual. He is very easy to deal with and cares a great deal that I am very satisfied. Porter is likable and not at all pushy. He has established a true bond with me as a customer and now friend. Porter is detailed oriented and knowledgeable and never fails to assist me in my selections. The final product is amazing and unique. I consistently receive compliments not only on the quality of my clothing; but also on the fit.

Excel Orthopedics

Having recently gotten married, I wanted to give my groomsmen a gift that they would be able to continue to use. I turned to Porter for my answer and he delivered above and beyond my hopes. He made custom matching suits for all of my groomsman for the ceremony and they are beautiful! They fit perfectly and look great. My groomsmen were so impressed with the quality that they went on to order more suits on their own! If you are looking for superior quality and premier concierge service, use Porter Wilson.